How this Supplement Brand Stops Customer Defection & Creates the Ultimate Customer Experience

Michael Maynard
Oh!Mino founder & CEO
Michael Maynard
“It's hard being a direct to consumer brand, especially in a category that is so competitive. If we're spending a lot of money to acquire a customer, how do we create the ultimate experience? How do we make them feel special?”

That’s the question Oh!Mino founder & CEO Michael Maynard is constantly asking himself.

And for good reason. In the ultra-competitive world of selling supplements online, customer defection can kill your brand before you’ve barely gotten off the starting blocks.

The winners are the brands that drive the most profitable LTVs, because they can afford the astronomical (and still rising) customer acquisition costs.

We’ll show you how Oh!Mino delights customers with personalized postcards that automatically keep customers on track and coming back.

To drive profits you need repeat purchases

When someone buys for the first time, Michael’s team needs to turn them into a repeat customer fast. If the customer forms a habit of taking Oh!Mino supplements, they’ll keep coming back, leading to massive customer lifetime value.

How does Michael know if a customer is at risk of getting off track? They simply stop buying. Based on his customers’ behavior, he knows that if somebody buys more than once, but doesn’t buy again for at least 60 days, they likely won’t come back.

He stops existing customers from leaving while building brand loyalty with personalized win-back campaigns. They’re automatically triggered when they don’t return after a specified amount of time.

Next, he identifies customers that have purchased multiples time, but aren’t on a recurring subscription refill. He triggers a personalized card incentivizing them to get on a subscription plan, ensuring they don’t forget to rebuy and boosting frequency and LTV.

We asked Michael what impact PostPilot has had on his CLTV:

When I saw that success of winning people back, I started looking at my business differently.

— Michael Maynard

Leverage a fully managed service to launch new campaigns

Like any business owner or marketing leader, Michael and his team can’t do it all. And they shouldn’t — they should be focused on their highest leverage functions, such as identifying profitable new channels for acquisition and retention.

That’s what led him to PostPilot. Deciding to utilize PostPilot and direct mail automation wasn’t difficult. But as easy as it is to get started, there are always competing priorities pulling the team in multiple directions.

We created the PostPilot campaign concierge service for brands like Oh!Mino.

Our ecommerce and design experts have managed thousands of DTC campaigns and know what works. They’ll build your entire campaign for you and provide full account management at no cost.

Here’s how Michael describes his experience:

Michael and team continue to test new campaigns to drive even more incremental revenue and retention while keep his customers delighted and coming back again and again.

“We are seeing a lot more repeat orders now. If someone’s contemplating it, it’s so easy to test and it’s not going to take you much time to see that it works. As a marketer, this was the easiest decision I could make.

— Michael Maynard

Key Takeaways:

  • Becoming part of a customer habit is critical to unlock massive LTV. Focusing on this early increases likelihood of success.
  • Utilize multiple channels to ensure your message is getting through to your customers. A multi-touch strategy can increase performance across all channels.
  • Leverage our team of experts to create a winning strategy and creative to execute faster and keep things off your plate.

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