PostPilot Integrations

PostPilot plays well with others. We integrate with key Shopify apps to help grow your business. Explore our latest crew of tech partners.

Our Integration Partners


PostPilot seamlessly leverages your existing Shopify data to make it easy to manage customer segments, trigger direct mail campaigns, track your results in real time, and much more.


Email and direct mail work even better together. Use your Klaviyo data and customer segments to create effective postcards that hit customer mailboxes at just the right time.


Combine direct mail and SMS, to create comprehensive marketing campaigns that reach customers at multiple touchpoints.


Multiply your channels, multiply your results! Create targeted campaigns that reach customers through including email, SMS, and direct mail.


Grow your subscription sales with PostPilot + Recharge. Sending personalized, automated campaigns that bring lapsed subscribers back into the fold is a cinch.

Loyalty Lion

Keep your loyal members engaged and shopping. You can automatically encourage customers to reach new tiers, offer special rewards, and more.


Intelligently target your customers at just the right moment with PostPilot + Repeat. Automated and effective data-triggered touchpoints.


Gamify your subscription management and grow customer LTV through subscriber engagement and reactivation.


Unify your email, SMS, and direct mail through Sendlane and unlock your full customer targeting potential. Achieving multi-channel alignment was never easier.

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