See How This Supplements Brand is Crushing ROI with Postcards

Stuart Kam
Stuart Kam

If you think training to become a top-tier athlete is hard work, try building an online supplements brand.

Just like in sports, competition is fierce and always looking for an edge. For supplement brands like ATH Organics, that edge is the ability to profitably scale customer acquisition and retention.

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, ATH Organics founder Stuart Kam couldn’t find a sports nutrition company for hard-core training that used all-natural ingredients.

So, he ordered 50 pound bags of raw ingredients, tossed them on his shoulders and climbed a few sets of stairs (ok, we made that part up), and mixed his first batch of supplements in his kitchen.

When his gym training partners literally ate it up, he realized he was onto something. Sales started off strong, but acquisition costs continued to rise as business scaled up.

To continue growing, Stuart needed a new channel to drive incremental revenue and loyalty. He turned to direct mail.

ATH Organics

“To combat the rising costs of Facebook and Google, we were looking for alternative channels to get in front of our customers. PostPilot’s seamless integration with Shopify allowed us to easily segment our customers and copy marketing flows across all our digital channels.”

- Stuart Kam

Preventing Customer Defections and Increasing Reorders

The company has been extremely effectively using postcard campaigns to remind customers when it’s time to reorder or incentivize them to get back on track if they go too long without repurchasing. All for less than the cost of a click in many cases.

Postcard - front
Postcard - back

Optimizing Campaigns with Creative Variations

The marketing team wisely tests different creative, offers, and personalization to optimize campaign performance. They even include a QR code that takes the recipient to a unique URL.

“PostPilot allows us to easily add an additional touch point to our customer’s journey. We’ve seen a significant ROI on our campaigns. Like all marketing efforts, A/B testing is key to optimizing performance. ”

- Stuart Kam

Postcard - front
Postcard - back

Driving Successful Sale Events

In addition, postcard campaigns are used to promote major events such as their Black Friday sale.

The Results are In

And like looking in the mirror after a killer workout, they like what they see.

ATH is crushing it. Typical ROI ranges from 400-700%, and in some cases much higher.

What’s On Deck for ATH?

Postcard marketing is now a core channel for the ATH supplements brand and the team is already planning new campaigns for 2021.

“Following closely behind Black Friday, one of the biggest times of the year for supplement company like us is the New Year -- New You. We plan on setting up another postcard campaign through PostPilot to drive sales. We also have plans on testing out an automated campaign of abandoned carts.”

- Stuart Kam

We can’t wait to see what ATH does next to keep up their amazing growth!

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