Here’s how it works…

Create. Send. Profit. (←Actually that simple.)


Step 1 │Create

(It only takes a minute.)

Choose one of our free templates, upload your own design, or take charge of our user-friendly design tool to create impressive, on-brand mailers for every occasion.

Easily insert customer names and more for powerful 1-to-1 personalization.

Every professionally printed, full-color card comes on high-quality 120-lb stock with UV coating. (In other words, they’ll be wowed.)


Step 2 │Send

(Unique one-offs + fully automated campaigns.)

Leverage precise customer attributes or behavior to send perfectly-timed promotions that boost your bottom line and increase customer loyalty.

Cards arrive in as little as 3-5 business days from the moment you click send.

Right message. Right time. Maximum impact.


Step 3 │Profit

(Track results with ease — you’ll like what you see.)

Reporting is based on actual transactions, so you can immediately see the money coming in and the ROI of every campaign.

Tweak, pivot, and optimize to put your profits on autopilot.


PostPilot has the best segmentation capabilities we could find!

— Allen Shafer │ Founder, Fulton and Roark


Why send physical postcards straight to their mailbox?

Because it works.

Be honest — how many times have you clicked DELETE on a promo email without reading it, even from a brand you love? (We’ll wait while you tally it up.)

Bottom line is that we live in a digital world. This means your customers’ inboxes are drowning in a sea of shouty offers and ads. Email marketing used to be king in Marketing Land, but response rates have tanked to an abysmal 0.12%. (Gulp!)

On the other hand, research shows that almost everyone reads or scans direct mailers, meaning you’ll see 28X better average response rates. (Plus, there’s no spam filter.)


So, should you abandon email altogether?

Nope! In fact, your customers will spend 25% more when you combine both digital and direct mailer marketing. In other words, postcard marketing amplifies whatever you’re already doing for more customer loyalty, higher profits, and better ROI.

Built with ♥, for
You + Shopify

With one quick click, PostPilot securely syncs with customer data directly from your store. The best part? No need to deal with spreadsheets, printhouses, or developers to get started. The only thing standing between you and higher profits is the little rectangle right below.