Say hello to SiteMatch™

Convert anonymous website visitors into customers with direct mail. Think Facebook retargeting—but at their front door.

Why SiteMatch?

Prospect Your Best Audience

Nurture prospects who are already interested in your brand, but need an extra nudge to make that first purchase.

Tell iOS to Shove It

Yeah, you can run retargeting ads—but plenty of prospects will never see them. Postcards put your message right in their hands.

Acquisition on Autopilot

Just set your criteria for which site visitors to target. PostPilot will do the rest, and you can see the real-time results in your dashboard.

How it works

Step 1: Add the Pixel

Generate a pixel through your PostPilot account. You decide what criteria will trigger it—like how many times someone visited your site or which pages were viewed.

Step 2: We Match the Data

When someone meets your criteria, we try to identify a physical address. We filter out bots and existing customers.

Step 3: We Send Your Message

We send a postcard to your prospect within one business day.

Step 4: You See the Results

Track the results in real time in your PostPilot dashboard.

Ready to boost acquisition?

Our team can help you launch your campaign in just days!

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