Get catalog power at postcard speed, with PostPilot's unique new format.

Why Cardalogs over catalogs?

Tons of Space

At 10.5 x 17.25", you get 6 panels  to show off your brand. That's almost 3 of our oversized 6x11" postcards.

No Lead Time

With catalogs, you need to pay for paper and prep creative months in advance. Cardalogs go out in a day and can be updated on the fly.

No Minimums

Catalogs have high setup costs and huge minimums. With Cardalogs, there are none.

Personalized & Customized

Run split tests. Mail different versions to different customer segments. There's no limit!

Done for You

Our pro designers will create your stunning custom Cardalog in days. You literally don't have to lift a finger—and it's free for subscribers.

One-off or Triggered

Just like with postcards, send one-off campaigns or individually triggered and personalized Cardalogs to customers or prospects.

Cardalogs are perfect for...

Collection launches

Got lots of shiny new products to show off to your customers? We've got you.

A selection of four PostPilot trifold Cardalogs with a chart showing 7.2x ROAS
A trifold PostPilot Cardalog from the Parade brand, surrounded by circles with faces in them

Prospecting campaigns

Introducing your brand to a new audience? Presenting multiple product choices is key to increasing conversions.

We've even got Shared Cardalogs to help you reach highly targeted audiences at an even lower cost.

Check out these spreads

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Our team can help you launch your campaign in just days!

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Picture of PostPilot sample Cardalog showing women's wear.