Introducing ShopDropsTM

Give your retail sales a boost with hyper-targeted, hyper-local acquisition campaigns based on first party data.

Why ShopDrops™️?

Ultra-Precise, Individual Targeting

We leverage your first party data find new prospects that look just like your best customers using thousands of attributes for over 220 million consumers.

Crazy Fast

Go from concept to campaign and into the hands of new customers in days, not months. From strategy to setup, our experts help you every step of the way.

Low Minimums

Traditional direct mail campaigns have huge minimums. Not with ShopDrops. We simply suggest sending enough to make an impact in each target market.

Personalized & Customized

Run split tests. Mail different versions to different audiences or markets. There's no limit!

Done for You

Our pro designers will create your stunning custom design in days. You literally don't have to lift a finger. Included in all of our Pro plans.

Connect with existing customers

Our native integration with your Shopify store means you can easily target existing customers and prospects to drive DTC sales.

ShopDrops are perfect for...

Supporting new launches

Rolling out a new product or market? Reach remarkably relevant, hyper-local audiences and drive them to buy. We know details like who visits Target 3X+ times per month, buys premium mens grooming products, is married with young kids, and lives in an affluent community within a couple miles of your store doors (and so much more).

We can even identify anonymous visitors to your website. Within days, deliver a personalized offer to their mailbox redeemable at their local retailer!

Boosting velocity

Worried about hitting your sales targets? Don't risk getting the boot. Support your channel partners with precisely-targeted, individually personalized direct mail campaigns that deliver the jolt you need.

Ready to get started?

Our team can help you launch your campaign in days!