The Modern Catalog, by PostPilot

Catalogs are agonizingly slow to make. Expensive. Hard to measure.

We’re fixing all that. Launch in weeks, not months. Lower minimums. Real-time results tracking.

The modern catalog by Postpilot

The Modern Catalog: Built for Modern Brands

Space to stretch and flex

5.5’’ x 8.5’’ to 8.5’’ x 11’’ available with a variety of page counts.

No more crazy lead times

Start to launch in 4-6 weeks, not >3 months.

No more crazy MOQs

Typical MOQs are hundreds of thousands. We're less. Way less.

Personalize. Customize. Iterate.

Run split tests. Mail different versions to different customer segments. Keep and optimize the highest-ROI catalogs.

Cut your creative team a break

Our veteran design team will create your custom catalog, all in record time, at no additional cost.

Track real-time results

No more waiting months for results in a spreadsheet. Get instant matchback results in a live KPI dashboard.

Catalogs are great for 8+ figure brands who…

…have a large product assortment.

Want to showcase more products and categories? Need to educate and inspire your prospects? Launching a new collection?  Lay it all out in a catalog.

…are ready to scale with mail.

If you’ve used PostPilot or another direct mail provider to run acquisition campaigns and you’re ready to level up your program, we’ll be your 🚀.

…are bursting with creative assets.

Have mountains of product/lifestyle images and UGC? Let the catalog be your canvas.

You’ll look great in one, we promise.

We’ll get you cataloging in no time.

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