Handwritten Cards

Real pens. Real ink. Real stamps. Delighted customers. At scale.

&Collar's handwritten card sent to a VIP customer

Create an unforgettable experience at scale


Each handwritten card is individually personalized and with unique variations in each letter and card.

Done for You

Our pro designers will create a customer design for you in days. We'll even help you write a memorable message.


Isn't delighting your best customers worth two bucks? 

Emily Post would be proud

Delight your VIPs

Automatically trigger a personal thank you note once a customer makes a certain number of purchases or spends over a certain amount with your store.

a handwritten card sent from nbd clothing to a customer named Josh with a discount code for 25% off
a handwritten card sent from the brand Plum Deluxe to a customer named Lois on her birthday

Send Birthday Cards

We can find birthdays for up to 90% of your customers, then automatically send them handwritten cards that will arrive just in time for their big day with a special note and gift from you.

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