Introducing Lookalike Campaigns

We're bringing AI-powered lookalike audiences to direct mail. Now, you can precision-target prospects online and at retail with our attention-getting campaigns.

Why direct mail?

Prospect Your Best Audience

Nurture prospects who are already interested in your brand, but need an extra nudge to make that first purchase.

Tell iOS to Shove It

Yeah, you can run retargeting ads—but plenty of prospects will never see them. Postcards put your message right in their hands.

Acquisition on Autopilot

Just set your criteria for which site visitors to target. PostPilot will do the rest, and you can see the real-time results in your dashboard.

How lookalike direct-mail campaigns works

Step 1: Create the Seed Segment

We build a segment of your best customers. These are generally your most loyal, frequent purchasers.

Step 2: Create the Model

PostPilot identifies the most relevant attributes of your customer segment and runs that against multiple consumer data sets.

They contain thousands of nuanced behavioral data points and
attributes on more than 200 million US consumers—such as how many times a month someone visits Target, whether they own a dog, how old their kids are, or what TV shows they like.

Step 3: Add Optional Manual Filters

Only want to target prospects with certain demographics such as age, location, or household income? Easy peasy.

Step 4: Test and Iterate

We test different creative options and data sources to zero in on the combination that will deliver the best results.

Ready to boost acquisition?

Our team can help you launch your campaign in just days!

FIRE UP Lookalikes
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