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Printed with ❤️ in South Carolina, Arizona, and London.
Printed  with ❤️ in South Carolina

Your top questions, answered

What's included in my Pro subscription?

In addition to the significant savings on every card you send (which means the subscription pays for itself very quickly), our Pro plan is like having your own direct mail agency on retainer. We can help you with everything from strategy to custom designs from our pro design team to analysis and optimization. You literally don't have to lift a finger (unless you want to, of course). And you always get all of the powerful, exclusive features of the PostPilot platform.

Currently, for US based customers, you can use MailMatch™ to obtain physical addresses for your email prospects. You'd pay a lot to a 3rd party data provider for this information and it still wouldn't include our secret sauce that maximizes accuracy.

How does pricing work?

Our Free plan enables you to connect your Shopify store, check out the PostPilot platform, and analyze your data using our data reports.

To unlock full use of the platform (including sending postcards for $0.53, fully managed services, and our features like MailMatchTM and SiteMatchTM), our Pro plan costs $499/month.

To cover the cost of sending mail, simply add funds to your account with a credit card and enable auto-renew to ensure your balance never runs out. Each time a card is sent out, it will deduct the cost from your balance.

Is there a minimum number of cards I can send?

There’s never a minimum. You can send just one individually personalized card or one million.

Can I change subscription plans?

You can easily change plans or cancel at any time.

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