5 Apps for Sending Handwritten Notes for Your Business in 2023

In the age of digital communication, handwritten notes can feel like a lost art—or maybe even a pointless throwback. 

But just because handwritten notes have been around for a whole doesn’t mean they’ve lost their value. In fact, they can be a powerful ecommerce marketing tool

Think about it – when was the last time you received a handwritten note from a brand? Probably not recently. And if you did, it would stand out among all the pre-printed mail—and certainly from the loads of emails that clutter our inboxes. 

That's the power of handwritten notes. They're unexpected, personal, and memorable. And they make customers feel seen as humans, not just walking wallets.

  • Handwritten notes are more likely to grab customers’ attention than digital messages or printed mail. 
  • Physical mail tends to hang around people’s homes, gaining mindshare over time
  • More than half of people are actually excited to receive direct mail.

A handwritten note could be the marketing secret that will take your brand to the next level. It's a small gesture, but it can make a big impression.  

But what if you don’t have time to design stationery, write a bunch of notes and stick on stamps? A number of platforms are leveraging modern technology to make sending handwritten notes a cinch for your business. 

Here are five of our favorites. 

1. Best for One-Offs: PunkPost

Have a VIP customer who just got married or is celebrating a birthday? PunkPost will mail them the (fun, even cheeky) card of your choice, with your message handwritten by an artist. PunkPost offers cards for a wide range of events, from Rosh Hashanah to Admin Day. 

For an additional fee, you can add extras to the envelope–including a photo, confetti or a gift card. PunkPost can send international mail and also do batch mailings. 

Cost: Starting at $6 per card, including domestic postage.  

2. Best for Special Occasions: Postable

With Postable, you can print, stamp and mail greeting cards without breaking a sweat. The app lets you import a contact list, then choose and write cards using fonts designed to look like real handwriting. Enter important dates like holidays, customer birthdays or employee anniversaries in your contact list, and Postable can remind you to send a card—or even mail it out automatically. The cards are made from recycled paper. 

Cost: Starting at $3.99 per card, plus postage 

 3. Best for Marketing: PostPilot

PostPilot specializes in postcard marketing for ecommerce businesses, and has a fleet of handwriting robots that use real pens and ink to make your direct mail campaigns even more impactful. Native Klayviyo and Shopify integrations mean your brand can seamlessly use existing customer data to create prospecting and retention campaigns—and even combine email and postcard flows. Design your own cards using drag-and-drop templates, or let PostPilots pro designers do it for you.  Each card is printed on high-quality card stock and features one-on-one personalization, and a real-time dashboard tracks performance and ROI. 

Cost: From $2.99 per card, including postage

4. Best for Artistic Types: Felt

Felt lets you design and send notes in your own handwriting without ever picking up a pen. Download the mobile app, create a custom card with your own photos (or use a generic design), then write a message using your finger as a stylus. You can create your own design on the envelope as well, and tuck in items such as cash, confetti, or trinkets.

Cost: Starting at $4.50 per card, including domestic postage.  

5. Best in the UK: Scribeless

Scribeless lets you send robot-written notes or letters to customers. One downside is that you have to do the design yourself, using the brand’s drag-and-drop editor. But for companies based in Canada or the U.K. Scribeless offers an advantage, with local facilities that let you send domestic mail. 

Cost: Starting at 99 cents per postcard and $2.49 per note/letter, plus postage 

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