The PostPilot Commitment to Sustainability


Despite our use of paper sourced only from FSC-certified mills and sustainable forests, the chilling reality of humanity’s destruction sparked us to do more. Every minute, 27 soccer fields worth of forests are cleared, adding up to 18.7 million acres of annual deforestation1. In Madagascar only 10% of original forests remain. Cutting down forests destroys habitats for thousands of organisms, and it is estimated that deforestation produces, directly or indirectly, a staggering 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

PostPilot is committed to combatting this through monthly donations to Eden Reforestation Projects, an organization with a mission to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty.

To further emphasize the bond between our paper usage and our reforestation efforts, we work with our partners to plant approximately double number of trees that are required to produce all the paper used in PostPilot campaigns.