How to Boost Your Klaviyo Results With Postcards

Email is one of the most popular marketing methods around—and no wonder. It’s cheap, it’s scalable, and it can be very effective. 

To get the most out of their email marketing campaigns, many marketers have turned to Klaviyo. Klaviyo is a powerful marketing platform that helps businesses create deeper, higher-value customer relationships via email and SMS. 

But as great as Klaviyo is, email has its limitations. Which means that if you’re relying on it to reach all of your customers, you’re leaving money on the table. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to team email up with direct mail, leveraging the segments and campaigns you’ve created in Klaviyo to reach more customers and get more sales. 

Where Email Falls Short 

Over the past 20 years, email has become a go-to means of communication around the globe. But most people have a love-hate relationship with email. 

Email is useful—and can also be overwhelming. It’s used by everyone from close friends to scammers, so it can feel intimate or intrusive. Not everyone reads their email regularly, and some people try to avoid it. One survey showed that 40% of people have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox. 

Email marketing has three main weaknesses: 

  1. Your email audience is limited to people who have subscribed to—and stayed on—your list. It doesn’t include customers who unsubscribed or never opted in. 
  2. Emails have an average open rate of about 20% across all industries. So if customers subscribe to your list, 80% of your messages are likely going unread. 
  3. If you’re marked as spam or shuttled to the wrong folder, your target audience will never know your message even exists. 

But there are ways to get more out of your email (and especially Klaviyo) marketing campaigns. Pairing email with direct mail, a complementary channel can unlock mighty results.  

The Hidden Power of Postcards 

Sometimes things that seem simple can be extremely powerful. Postcards are a good example.

Many people consider direct mail old-fashioned. But PostPilot has reinvented email for modern ecommerce. And direct mail has some distinct challenges over other channels, in part because it’s been around for a long time

When used intelligently, postcards can effectively prospect for customers, convert one-time purchasers into subscribers, win back lapsed buyers, increase order values, and much more. 

Here are a few reasons direct mail works so well: 

  • Customers like mail. According to an Epsilon study, 50% of consumers prefer direct mail to email. And 60% of them enjoy checking their physical mail. 

When your customers receive a postcard that is directly addressed to them, it has an emotional impact. They feel special. 

That’s invaluable in today’s competitive landscape, where countless other brands may be pushing similar products or messages. The more connected they feel to your business, the better your results. 

As effective as it is, direct mail doesn’t need to replace your other channels. In fact, it’s a smart way to boost email marketing campaigns. And PostPilot has made sending postcards as easy as sending email—complete with segmenting, personalization and automated campaigns.   

PostPilot is Like Klaviyo for Postcards

There are lots of reasons to love Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo provides advanced audience segmentation; you can create customer groups based on many variables. It offers dynamic and detailed personalization. You can customize subject lines, promotions, images, video—no coding required. All your flows can be automated. And campaign performance is tracked automatically, so you know exactly what ROI you’re getting. 

PostPilot has all those potent, revenue-generating features, too. What Klaviyo does for emails, PostPilot does for direct mail. 

On PostPilot’s platform, you can segment like a beast. Automatically personalize your cards to give them greater impact. Set up campaigns that will run hands-free, converting customers while you tend to other aspects of the business. 

Use PostPilot everywhere you have been using Klaviyo to create memorable customer experiences. You can also use it for direct mail campaigns in the form of postcards to boost your email campaign results.

How to Boost Email Results With Direct Mail

There are two main ways to level up your marketing campaigns with postcards. 

First, you can use your existing Klaviyo marketing lists and segments to create postcard campaigns—for instance, to target people who haven’t been opening your emails.

A good rule of thumb is to figure out what’s working in email, and translate those successful campaigns to postcards. If your team doesn’t have the bandwidth, PostPilot offers complimentary design services. 

It’s the same information, but with the ability to reach all your entire audience, rather than a small portion of it. Your postcard will go straight to customer mailboxes without getting blocked by spam filters or drowned out by digital clutter. 

If your audience is made up of past customers, you probably their mailing addresses. But if you don’t have that information, you can leverage PostPilot’s proprietary MailMatch™ feature. MailMatch can identify physical addresses for an email list, typically with 70 to 80% accuracy. 

Combine Email and Direct Mail Campaigns for Amazing Results

The second way to use direct mail to level up email is to blend the two channels for a powerful one-two punch. 

Almost any email campaign can be integrated with direct mail. Here are some use cases: 

Prospecting campaigns

Thanks to our proprietary MailMatch™ feature, PostPilot has the unique ability to prospect with direct mail using email lists. MailMatch can identify the U.S. address of a customer just from an email address, with up to 80% accuracy. 

So you can send postcards to just about anyone on you email list, breaking through digital noise, avoiding spam boxes and converting customers. 

Welcome sequences

Have a new-customer email campaign set up? Add on a personalized postcard to cement the relationship. A USPS report shows that people have a stronger emotional response to direct mail than to email. You can leverage that to convert first-time buyers into loyal customers. 

VIP thank yous 

Send an email thanks for orders under a certain value, but for your VIP shoppers, mail a personalized card or note. Make them feel like their loyalty is recognized and valued. 

You might even consider upgrading to a handwritten note from the CEO. PostPilot’s fleet of handwriting robots use real pens and real ink to create human-like handwriting, complete with inconsistencies. 

Abandoned cart campaigns

When a customer leaves a full cart behind, it’s smart to invite them back immediately with an email. But for those who don’t return after one or two messages–or who aren’t opening the messages at all—add on a postcard.  

Sending your customer physical mail all but guarantees that they will see your message. And because direct mail has a higher response rate than email, it is worth using as a last-ditch effort to convert that cart into a completed sale. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Email is a powerful marketing channel. It’s even more powerful when you team it up with direct mail, leveraging your Klaviyo data and campaigns. 

PostPilot makes it easy to add direct mail to your marketing portfolio, with native Shopify and Klaviyo integrations, no setup fees or contract, and zero minimums. With PostPilot, you can send effective, perfectly timed postcards and add jet fuel to your growth. 

We’ll even create segments and designs for you, with our complimentary concierge service. 

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