Catalog Curious? Get the Upsides of a Catalog Campaign without the Headaches

Catalogs are AWESOME. 

There’s a reason many brands are still devoted to them, even in a digital age. Their roominess lets companies showcase their products and brand. There’s space to get creative. They increase brand awareness—in customers’ homes. People engage deeply with them, and even keep them around. 

Not least, catalogs drive sales—in one recent study, customers who received a catalog on top of marketing emails purchased twice as much as those who just received email. 

But catalogs also have some major downsides. 

They take months to produce. Catalogs require a lot of content—you may need dedicated photo shoots, copywriters and designers. There’s a huge upfront investment, since catalog printers have high minimums. 

But there is another way. 

PostPilot has launched a new product that combines the advantages of catalogs with the speed  and flexibility of modern postcard marketing. If your brand has been catalog curious, now is the time to try a CardalogTM.

Cardalogs are a powerful alternative to pricey, time-consuming traditional catalogs. They give you lots of real estate but have zero minimums and can be ready in days. Here’s what makes them so powerful. 

Cardalogs Showcase Your Brand 

PostPilot’s trifold Cardalogs are oversized, measuring 10.5 x 17.25 inches. They give brands six oversized panels. That’s enough to space to: 

  • Tell your brand story
  • Display a new collection
  • Introduce your brand to a new audience
  • Market a range of products
  • Educate customers about a product
  • Get creative with oversized visuals  

Just like PostPilot’s postcards, Cardalogs have a premium look and feel. Postcards perform best with limited visuals and a single call to action, while Cardalogs give you the space to present an array of products and messages. 

Cardalogs Are Fast

Months to mail out? Try days. 

Because they’re not as complex as catalogs and PostPilot has its own design and printing capabilities, Cardalog campaigns can go from concept to mailbox in just a couple of weeks. Brands don’t have to wait for sales—they start coming in almost immediately. 

You don’t even have to wait for your own team to have the bandwidth to create your Cardalogs. PostPilot’s experts can design a compelling, custom campaign for you–free.  

Cardalogs Are Easy to Automate  

Just like PostPilot’s postcard campaigns, Cardalogs can be sent as one-off campaigns or as part of an automated flow, going out within one business day. A new customer can receive a catalog almost instantly. 

PostPilot has a number of native integrations—including with Klaviyo and Shopify—so you can seamlessly plug Cardalogs into your existing stack.  Segmenting is a cinch, and using PostPilot’s dashboard, you can track results in real time. 

Cardalogs Are Flexible

These mini-catalogs can easily be customized for different customer segments. Create different versions to send to customers who have purchased skincare or beauty products. Mail separate Cardalogs featuring your men’s and women’s lines. Automatically send a VIP selection to customers who spend over $1,000. There are just so many possibilities. 

It’s also simple to change a campaign mid-stream if your marketing priorities change or a product sells out. No disappointed shoppers, no customer service complaints. 

Cardalogs Cost Less 

How much less? Subscribers to PostPilot’s Pro plan pay just $.75 per Cardalog. That’s just a little bit more than a large postcard. For Growth customers, Cardalogs are $.95 each. 

Remember, with PostPilot there are no minimums or maximums. But if you’re looking to do a big mailing—over 50,000—contact us to see what we can do for you on pricing. 

Plus, subscribers get FREE design service. No need to hire a designer or tax your busy team. We can handle it all for you. If there were stamps to lick, we’d do that too. 

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