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Your top questions, answered

What's included in my Pro subscription?

In addition to the significant savings on every card you send (which means the subscription pays for itself very quickly), our Pro plan is like having your own direct mail agency on retainer. We can help you with everything from strategy to custom designs from our pro design team to analysis and optimization. You literally don't have to lift a finger (unless you want to, of course). And you always get all of the powerful, exclusive features of the PostPilot platform.

You also get unlimited use of MailMatch™ to obtain physical addresses for your email prospects. You'd pay a lot to a 3rd party data provider for this information and it still wouldn't include our secret sauce that maximizes accuracy.

What type of business is PostPilot best suited for?

Direct mail works best when we can target specific segments of customers and prospects with a relevant offer. Therefore, we recommend having at least $1M in annual store revenue to ensure the segment sizes are large enough gather statistically relevant data and impact your overall business.

We work with all types of businesses. The type of business will help dictate what campaigns types are most suitable. For example, consumable products like food items, supplements and cosmetics are ideal for acquisition, retention & reactivation campaigns, as are brands with an assortment of related products such as apparel, sporting goods, books, home decor, toys, and more.

MailMatch™ campaigns targeting prospects that have not yet converted are great for businesses that cater to more one-and-done, high AOV customers.

Postcards and especially handwritten cards are an amazing way to thank a customer for their purchase and ask for reviews or referrals.

How do I measure campaign performance?

PostPilot automatically tracks each Shopify customer that receives a postcard or handwritten card for 60 days.

PostPilot also tracks coupon codes. If you create a unique coupon code for a campaign, you track all Shopify orders using that code. You can also upload and track Shopify single use unique coupon codes.

Keep in mind that customers hold on to their cards for an average of 17 days, compared to just a few seconds for email. Therefore, direct mail often has a longer conversion window than other marketing channels.

Can I send new customer acquisition campaigns?

Yes! Only PostPilot offers MailMatch™, our exclusive technology to match email addresses with physical mail addresses using a proprietary algorithm and dataset. Target & convert high-intent prospects who have never purchased with personalized postcards. Acquire new customers where email and digital ads can’t reach. You can also easily upload your own prospect lists.

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