What's the Highest ROI Marketing You Can Do?


It's has many names depending on which guru you pay attention to. Some call it triggered marketing, behavioral marketing, CRM or even lifecycle marketing. It's really all the same thing. 

The basic idea is you send an offer to somebody who's bought from you or subscribed to your list in the past. You make it extremely relevant by timing campaigns to your customers’ behavior, and enticing them to buy.

Say you have a new customer.

They’ve just discovered your brand, and have signed up for your newsletter or started a shopping cart. Perfect time to hit them with a sequence of new subscriber/welcome emails that entice them to make their first purchase. For new customers who are wandering away from the site, you create a browsing or cart abandonment campaign to get their attention again.  

Once a customer buys from you

You can send your first purchase campaign. Cross-sell products related to things they’ve already bought. After time, these customers will naturally lapse and stop buying from you. This is where you your win-back campaigns come into play, to pull them back to your store. 

So when a customer first comes by, you say, “Hey, I want to hear from you.” Eventually, you tailor campaigns to different customer behaviors: If the customer buys product A, you market product B. If they bought yesterday, they get one campaign. If they haven’t been around in 180 days, you might market to them in a completely different way. 

Essentially it’s all about the right message, to the right person, at the right time. This helps you to increase your customer lifetime value. 


The most common way to deliver these kinds of campaigns is through email and/or Facebook marketing. But to get even more ROI from your marketing dollars, use postcard marketing instead or in addition to your Facebook and Google spend. 

Adweek research has shown that conversion rates on direct mail can be 36 times higher than on email (4.4% versus .12%). And PostPilot makes it easy, plugging right into your Shopify store so you can create and automate campaigns that work. 

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