Three Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce AOV

Average order value (AOV) is one of the most important metrics in ecommerce.

AOV is a window into customer behavior. It feeds into pricing, product and marketing decisions.

It’s also a potent lever for driving profits. Generally speaking, it’s easier, cheaper and more reliable to increase order values than to try to acquire new customers.

Here are three strategies for boosting AOV and charging up your growth.

Bundle Products

Bundling increases AOV by encouraging customers to buy sets of complementary products. It’s a popular holiday strategy—the world gets awash with gift sets—but should be used year-round.

You can bundle anything from hair-care products to throw pillows, and there are many ways to do it. You can curate collections, pair up complementary items, or let customers mix-and-match—all for an incentivizing discount.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

They like your product. Wouldn’t they like a larger size even more? What about the premium version? Or the one in a different color?

There are so many ways to nudge customers into an additional or more substantial purpose. Sometimes all it takes is showing them the breadth of your selection. A trifold Cardalog is a fast and effective way to show off your lineup. Customers receive a beautiful, tangible expression of your brand they can browse at their leisure. And you don’t have to deal with  the hassles, huge minimums and long delays of a catalog.

Plugins make it easier to upsell on your site. The Shopify plugin Upcart, for instance, lets you create a custom slide card, adding upselling and cross-selling blocks to highlight whatever products work best.

Make Loyalty Members Feel like VIPs

Loyalty programs are a great tool for increasing customer retention and building brand loyalty. You can also leverage them to increase your AOV.

Make your loyalty tiers appealing enough that customers want to spend more to reach them. It’s easy with PostPilot’s new Loyalty Lion integration.

Nurture the list by triggering reminder and incentive campaigns when members hit certain milestones. You can automatically send a personalized note to a customer who just reached a new tier (and inspire them to keep going). If they’re close to hitting a tier, you can encourage them to close the gap.

Timing is everything, but you don’t have to worry about it once you set up automated flows.

Looking for more ways to boost AOV? PostPilot’s campaign concierges are masters at finding opportunities for growth. Start an account to get rolling today.

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