Supercharge Retail Sales With AI-Driven ShopDrops™️ Campaigns

Winning at wholesale doesn’t just mean getting your products into Target, Whole Foods, or any other retailer. You need to rack up sales—and the stakes are high. 

Whiff on sales targets during a test run and your wholesale journey will end before it’s even begun. Fail to meet revenue goals later and retailers may banish you for years. 

Now, you don’t have to sit by and wait for sales to fall where they may. 

PostPilot has a powerful new way to drive customers to local retailers specifically to buy your brand, giving you a sales boost at crucial moments. ShopDrops lets you send hyper-effective postcards to audiences within specific geographic areas. 

These aren’t blind ZIP code drops—we target killer audiences that are primed to convert. 

It’s a game-changer for brands who want to charge up brick-and-mortar sales. 

Introducing ShopDrops™ 

ShopDrops are cold prospecting campaigns that can be narrowly targeted at audiences with highly specific attributes. 

Here’s an example: A protein-bar brand wanted to boost its Target sales. It was aiming at people with active lifestyles who were also healthy eaters. We were able to identify hundreds of thousands of new prospects who were frequent Target shoppers, had purchased similar protein bars in the past, were outdoor activity enthusiasts and healthy eaters, and had certain household incomes. 

Here’s another: A customer is curious about your brand and visits your website—but doesn’t purchase. With its SiteMatch technology, PostPilot can identify physical addresses for many of these online window shoppers and send them a postcard directing them to a local retailer.

Why postcards? They have a higher response rate than email, online ads, or SMS. Direct mail is a physical, tangible expression of your brand that gets into customers’ hands and homes. It’s immune to spam filters, online tracking restrictions, and ad blindness. 

How ShopDrops Works

The process isn’t simple–but it’s simple for you. PostPilot does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on other aspects of growing the business. But here’s how the lookalikes process breaks down: 

Step 1: Identify your best customers

We leverage your first-party data to understand who your best customers are. You can provide transactional data or connect your Shopify store to PostPilot.

Step 2: We find people who look like your best customers

We build rich lookalike models incorporating thousands of precise attributes, such as who visits Target 3X+ times per month, buys premium men’s grooming products, is an outdoor enthusiast, or is married with kids between 10 and 12 years old. We cross-reference top-tier consumer databases with data on over 220 million U.S consumers to find matching prospects.

Step 3: We send personalized, geo-targeted direct mail 

We narrow the campaign, sending postcards only to audiences who are in proximity to the stores that carry your products. 

If you want to target site visitors instead, you just need to add our pixel to your site and decide what criteria will trigger it—like visits to a particular URL or a certain number of visits to your site. We’ll handle the rest. 

ShopDrops Uses Cases 

ShopDrops works across retail brands and categories, whether you’re a cosmetics brand breaking into regional outlets or a beverage maker looking to increase your big box sales. 

It’s especially effective for supporting new product launches and boosting sales velocity. It builds awareness and gives customers the nudge they often need to make the purchase. 

How It's Priced 

Access to ShopDrops is included for all PostPilot Pro subscribers and costs 5 cents on top of the base cost of each postcard. You’re only charged for postcards that are sent. 

Get your message to exactly the right customers, activate retail sales, secure premium placement and feed your wholesale revenues. ShopDrops makes it happen with hyper-targeted, hyper-local acquisition campaigns via direct mail. 

Contact us to get started with your campaign today. 

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