Peel and PostPilot Partner to Supercharge Direct Mail Retention

The Partners
Peel: A retention analytics platform to supercharge how you grow and nurture DTC customers.
PostPilot: Top, trusted direct mail for DTC and eCommerce.

The power in this partnership: Increases your repeat purchases by using hyper-specific Peel data in your PostPilot direct mail campaigns.

Find the stories hiding in your PostPilot data 🔍

What happens after you send your direct mail campaign? You get an amazing snapshot of overall performance in PostPilot:

Caption: Direct mail done in 4 glorious steps. ⚡Courtesy of PostPilot

From there, you’ll want to retarget the right customer segments with an amazing offer that’s going to get them to come back for more. 🎯 Here's where Peel steps in.

Go deep in the data.

There are so many questions to inform your retargeting: 

  • Did they purchase the product you promoted?
  • Did they buy other products?
  • How long did it take them to convert?
  • Did they use a specific discount code?

The list goes on…

That’s where connecting your data in Peel comes in. 

You can dive in deeper to uncover customer, product and campaign data to fuel better retargeting and personalization.

Better direct mail campaigns = knowing your customers 

Peel makes it simple for you to quickly understand: 

  • What your customers are primed to buy next
  • How long that next purchase takes on average
  • What product combos are your most popular

Should you feature specific bundles on your mailer? Market Basket Analysis can tell you:

What are they most likely to buy next that should be featured on your postcard? The Purchasing Journey can show you:

That’s enough to run the perfect retargeting campaign right? 

It’s good, but you can go even deeper.

Filtering your data by customer tags, product types, discount codes, geos (and dozens of more options), that are relevant to your PostPilot campaigns, helps you see the exact impact of those initiatives and reveals what/when your customers need to hear from you next.

This gives you hyper-specific data like:

  • 6-month LTV of customers who used a specific discount code
  • Repurchase Rate of customers who bought X product in their first order
  • AOV of customers who received a free gift in their last order
  • Locations where specific products perform better based on local needs
  • One-time purchaser to subscriber behavior for X product variant

All of this makes it easier for you to move fast and create retargeting campaigns in PostPilot that you know will strike the right chord at the right time.

And the best part is you can create Audience dashboards for your PostPilot segments where you can track growth and campaign impact over time:

Get ready to send it! ✈️

There’s more to come with Peel x PostPilot! Stay tuned for updates.

For now, you can try Peel free for 14-days. Or book a quick demo to get a feel for the platform.

PostPilot gets clients 3-5x retention ROAS. Add the app to your Shopify store or connect for a conversation.

Don’t let direct mail fly under the radar! It’s a cost-effective channel for connecting with your customers in a way that can set you apart from the competitors. 

Let’s get mailing. 📮🚀

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