How PostPilot's SiteMatch™️ Is a Game-Changer for Customer Acquisition

Sometimes, customers can seem so close yet so far away. 

Like when they’ve checked out your site multiple times, but haven’t yet made the leap to a purchase. 

They’re warm, and yet it’s difficult—or impossible—to market to them. 

Email? Only if they’ve signed up for your list. 

Online ads? Many of your prospects won’t see them. Apple iOS changes crushed digital retargeting effectiveness on iPhones. And plenty of customers simply aren’t exposed to Facebook or YouTube ad networks.  

But now, there’s a way to reach those anonymous browsers—with the most effective marketing channel around. 

Introducing SiteMatch™

Our newest feature lets brands get their message straight into the hands of anonymous website visitors. 

No address? No worries. No opt-in? No problem. And SiteMatch isn’t affected by spam filters or privacy updates.  

SiteMatch uses a proprietary process to identify addresses for anonymous website  visitors, who then receive a postcard designed to convert them into a customer. 

Why postcards? Because they work. They convert better than ads, email or SMS. When combined with those channels, they supercharge results, increasing conversions and order sizes. 

How SiteMatch Works

The process is simple—at least from the brand perspective. We handle all the heavy lifting, including the postcard design. Once you set it up, SiteMatch runs on its own, so you can focus on other aspects of growing the business. 

Step 1: Add Your Pixel

Generate a pixel through your PostPilot account. You decide what criteria will trigger it—such as how many times someone has visited your site, or which pages they’ve viewed. Add the tracking pixel to your site. 

Step 2: We Match the Data 

When someone meets the criteria you set, we identify a physical address for their IP address. We sift out bots and other irrelevant traffic, and use a proprietary filtering process to make sure we’re not targeting an existing customer or lead. Then we trigger a postcard to send within one business day. 

Step 3: You See the Results 

Track the results in real time in your PostPilot dashboard. Rinse and repeat. 

Who It Works For 

SiteMatch is a great fit for a wide range of brands and categories, from supplements to patio furniture. It’s going to be most effective if you have: 

  • Higher average order values
  • Longer consideration cycles 
  • Novel products

Maybe customers need to get comfortable with an innovative idea. Or it’s a bigger purchase, like furniture or jewelry. If your customers often need an extra nudge to convince them to purchase, SiteMatch may be just right. 

How It's Priced 

Access to SiteMatch is included for all PostPilot Pro subscribers. It costs 5 cents on top of the base cost of each postcard. You’re only charged for postcards that are sent. 

Now, customers aren’t so far away — SiteMatch makes them closer. SiteMatch is a powerful new acquisition tool for warm leads, and it’s available now to all PostPilot Pro subscribers.

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