4 Essential Tips for Managing Multiple DTC Brands

A beauty brand isn’t just a beauty brand, as any trip to Sephora or Ulta can confirm. Each has a distinct audience, look, brand voice, price point, and vibe. 

Erin Chambers knows the differences well, as VP of marketing for the hair color brand oVertone, whose customers tend to be edgier and younger, and the beauty line BOOM!, for mature women.  

She shared her advice for managing the marketing of multiple brands with a single team—including minimizing gear-shifting and being selective about which jobs reach across brands.

Use KPIs As a Guide 

“There’s an overall strategy for both BOOM! and oVertone,” Chambers said. But on a weekly basis, the team is using KPIs—including financial goals—to determine where to put resources, to make sure everyone is working toward the right objectives. 

Keep Some Jobs Separate 

Director-level people work across multiple brands within their teams, Chambers said. But some roles are purposely exclusive to one brand, including copywriting. “I think brand voice is one of the most difficult things to shift,” Chamber said. 

Make Priorities Clear

“One of my big focuses is making sure the team knows what the priority is—even if I'm, like, juggling some stuff in the background,” Chambers said. When everyone understands the expectations—deadlines, deliverables, and objectives big and small—it’s easier to stay focused, even when things get hectic. 

Monitor Bandwidth

While BOOM! and oVertone have separate project managers, they work in lock step to make sure everyone across brands is working effectively but not getting overwhelmed, Chambers said. “Within our shared resources, they're making sure that we're not accidentally setting deadlines on top of each other, caring for the team's bandwidth and raising their hand if it’s not possible to get something done.” 

Find Erin’s tips interesting? Listen to her full episode on Nerd Marketing.

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