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PostPilot helps DTC brands cut through the digital clutter and create deeper, more profitable relationships with your customers.


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PostPilot is led by ecommerce industry veterans who have each run multiple 8 & 9 figure DTC brands for over 20 years. Having successfully leveraged direct mail to reach and retain customers that weren't engaging with digital ads & emails, they created PostPilot to make sending personalized, automated postcards and handwritten cards as easy as email.

Our team has built the most powerful platform to enable DTC brands fight back against rising digital ad costs and declining email open rates, while creating more delightful, memorable customer experiences that increase LTV.

Our investors include the brightest and most successful minds in ecommerce, because they believe in the power of programmatic direct mail (and have seen it first-hand!)

We believe that in a world of digital overload, customers crave genuine connections and delightful experiences.

PostPilot was created to help businesses grow with direct mail as easily and intelligently as other digital tools like email.

My family has been in the direct mail business for over 30 years, so you could say it's in my blood. But it was after years of using email tools to create dynamic, personalized campaigns that I realized how powerful it would be for marketers to leverage that capability with direct mail.

Today, PostPilot makes it delightfully simple to create, send, and track personalized postcard campaigns. We're a team of engineers, creators, and marketers that are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses achieve greater success.

Drop us a line! We love to bend over backwards to help or just shoot the breeze about all things marketing.

- Matt Bertino,
Co-Founder & CTO

Matt Bertino

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